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What is ISO 13485:2016?

ISO 13485:2016 indicates prerequisites for a quality management system where an association needs to exhibit its capacity to give medical devices and related administrations that reliably meet client necessities and administrative necessities pertinent to medical devices and related administrations.

Key Benefits of ISO 13485

  • Consumer loyalty
  • Lessened working expenses
  • Enhanced partner connections
  • Legitimate consistence
  • Enhanced hazard management
  • Demonstrated business accreditations
  • Capacity to win more business

How to QuickISO can help you to get ISO 13485?

iso_1345_consultants_dubaiISO 13485 Consultant in UAE, Dubai, Kuwait

Choose carefully an ISO 13485 Consultant in Dubai UAE or anywhere in Gulf including Kuwait because this industry is highly sensitive and it needs high- level of competency those consultants can really stand by in case you need to rescue to fulfil legal obligations. An ISO 13485 certificate proves your commitment to the quality of medical devices. It enables you to demonstrate that your quality management system has been assessed and found compliant in order to meet regulatory requirements and customer needs.

Medical devices and IVDD (In Vitro Diagnostic devices) is an increasingly important health care area in relation to their impact on health and health care expenditure. The sector covers a large range of products, from simple bandages, through life maintaining implantable devices, equipment to screen and diagnose disease and health conditions, to the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging and minimal invasive surgery equipment. Appoint to become your sole ISO 13485 Consultant in Dubai UAE Kuwait location.

iso_13485_consultant_dubai_uae_kuwaitISO 13485:2016 â€“ “Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes” is the internationally recognised standard for quality management system in the medical device industry. It specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organisation need to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and that related services consistently meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements. It is designed and intended for use by organisations for the design and development, production, installation, servicing and sales of medical devices.

As this is a highly regulated sector across the world, the primary objective of ISO 13485 is to facilitate harmonised medical device regulatory requirements for quality management systems. ISO 13485 is a standalone standard. It is largely based on the structure of ISO 9001, but includes some particular requirements for medical devices such as risk analysis, sterile manufacturing and traceability and excludes some of the requirements of ISO 9001 that are not necessary as regulatory requirements. Because of these exclusions, organisations being certified to ISO 13485 can not claim conformity to ISO 9001. your ISO 13485 Consultant in Dubai UAE holds the vast expertise to guide you to become certified as fastest as possible

Connection with national requirements for approval of medical devices

Legal access to markets for products is essential for manufacturers of medical devices. ISO 13485 is often referred to and required by national regulations as part of the approval process for medical devices, e.g. for the EU directive on medical devices (Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, In Vitro Diagnostic Directive 98/79/EC , Active Implantable Medical Devices 90/385/EEC). DNV is also appointed as a notified body to carry out conformity assessment according to Annex II, IV and V of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Manufacturers certified according to ISO 13485:2003 fulfil all the quality management requirements for any class of devices under this directive.

Related documents

ISO 14969:2005 - This standard provides guidance for the application of the requirements for quality management systems contained in ISO 13485:2003. This guidance can be used to better understand the requirements of ISO 13485 as it helps illustrate some of the variety of methods and approaches available for meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2003.

ISO 14971:2007 - This standard specifies a procedure by which a manufacturer can identify the hazards associated with medical devices and their accessories. It also specifies a procedure to estimate and evaluate the identified risks, control these risks and monitor the effectiveness of the control.

The benefits of registration to ISO-13485 :-

  • iso_13485_benefitsInternational recognition of compliance with the FDA Quality System Regulations and unique medical industry standards, facilitating global business.
  • A more efficient, cost-effective, and stable organization
  • Improved process, product, and service quality
  • Better documentation of existing processes.
  • Enables and significantly accelerates the establishment of a Quality Management System for an organization that can be certified to ISO 13485.
  • Reduction of variation and increased efficiency in the supplier chain
  • Ensures that medical devices and services are developed with a process that will meet the U.S. and European regulatory requirements.
  • Improves the quality of medical devices and related services that are developed to these processes

Steps for ISO 13485 Certification



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